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South African TB Parliamentary Caucus Declaration

We, the undersigned, as political representatives of South Africa, in full accordance with the principles articulated in the Barcelona Declaration, and in response to the ongoing tuberculosis (TB) epidemics globally and in South Africa, hereby join the South African TB Parliamentary Caucus and commit:

  • To work with representatives of all political parties to ensure the end of the TB epidemic as a public health threat.
  • To raise awareness about TB among our constituencies through: engaging with the media on TB; disseminating information on TB at public events; mobilising the public to seek care as early as possible and to participate in health campaigns and by participating and organising community events on TB, including on World TB Day (24 March annually).
  • To support the voices of patients and vulnerable groups in the response to the disease and to take all necessary measures to lift the burden of stigma from TB patients and their families.
  • To advocate for the necessary resources to accelerate progress to end TB at national, regional, and global levels.
  • To monitor the performance of government health programmes and the TB control programme in particular.
  • To support the development of policies to reduce the prevalence of the disease and legislation that will create an enabling environment for the provision of healthcare services, and TB services in particular.
  • To engage with all relevant stakeholders locally, nationally, regionally and globally involved in ending the TB epidemic.

In signing this document, we commit to use all the means at our disposal, in partnership with all relevant stakeholders, to build commitment in our country and globally for ever-increasing efforts to end the TB epidemic.

If you are a South African parliamentarian and would like to join efforts to end TB, sign the South African Parliamentary Caucus Declaration and join the SA TB Caucus here: